The Zumtobel Group Award is all about forward-looking concepts and developments for more quality of life and sustainability in the built environment and its design. In the videos below find our jury experts giving interesting inside views on the nominees and winners as well as on needs and trends in architecture.

The Urgent Need for Responsibility in Architecture

Zumtobel Group Award 2017 jury members Zhang Ke, Elizabeth Diller, Kjetil Thorsen and Holger Hagge talking about the responsibility architects have regarding sustainability in the built environment.

Why have we designed this Award?

Zumtobel Group Award 2017 jury members Ulrich Schumacher and Kjetil Thorsen about the importance of the Award and the scope of architecture for people.

Winner Buildings: Star Apartments

The jury members explain their decision on the winning project in the Buildings category of the Zumtobel Group Award 2017.

Buildings Winner Michael Maltzan

Architect Michael Maltzan about how it feels being a winner of the Zumtobel Group Award and about the relevance of the Award.

Winner Urban Developments: Arnhem Central Station

Find out why the jury members went for Arnhem Central Station as 2017 winner in the category Urban Developments & Initiatives.

Winner UNStudio, Ben van Berkel

This is a message from Ben van Berkel, Founder UNStudio, as a winner with the project Arnhem Central Station, giving interesting views about the project and the process behind it.

Winner UNStudio, Caroline Bos

This is a message from Caroline Bos, Co Founder UNStudio, giving us some insides on their team's work with regard to the Arnhem Central Station.

The Five Nominees in Urban Developments & Initiatives

Announcing the final five nominees in Urban Developments & Initiatives category of this year's award.

Winner Applied Innovations: Warka Water

In the Applied Innovations category the jury decided on Warka Water for having an easy and functional solution for comprehensive problems.

Applied Innovations Winner Arturo Vittori

Italian architect Arturo Vittori talking about his personal connection to the Warka Water project in Ethiopia.

Winner Young Professionals: Jianamani Visitor Center

For the first time, a special recognition for Young Professionals has been awarded in 2017. Find here the jury’s statement on Jianamani project.

Young Professionals Winner Zhang Li

Zhang Li from TeamMinus in China is sharing his personal thoughts and impressions with us, being the winner of the special recognition for Young Professionals.

Buildings: The Five Nominees

Presenting the five projects nominated in Buildings category of the 2017 Zumtobel Group Award - Innovations for Sustainability and Humanity in the Built Environment.

The Five Nominees in Applied Innovations category

These five projects have been nominated in the Applied Innovations category by our international high-class jury.

2017 Zumtobel Group Award: The Five Young Professionals Nominees

For the first time, the Zumtobel Group Award is established with a special recognition for Young Professionals. Here are the five nominees.